Saturday, July 28, 2007

smalltown RN has a Saturday "Creative Post" so here is my submission. This is the cake i made for my daughter for her birthday. She is all into kimonos and things Japanese. So i copied this from a gift tag. I think it tasted better than it looked, but she liked it.

Also, Meow had this over at her Blog. I took the test but
I knew it already; i AM addicted to what! bite just kidding...

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

NAME THE TEDDY: some excellent submissions so far! - please add yours...

Right, so far we have Oscar, Theodore, and Mr. Sanders....hmmmm, all very good starwish and starkiss from JIP, and Metta from robin; so let's set a deadline, say July 25th. So keep those great suggestions coming folks.

UPDATE as of July 13th.

Heartley, Buster, and a vote for Theodore (so "Theo" or "Theodore" or "Ted" is ahead by two votes before the voting even begins!).

Here's the List: (let me know if i have accidently left anyone off)
Mr. Sanders
Teddy Boo
Little Ted
Big Ted
Mr. Bear

so keep those names comming in, please.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Name the Teddy.

This is a real-life scan of Teddy. The one and only hand-made teddy bear that i made when my daughter was about 5 years old. It was hard work but fun, and if you look really closely you can see that its left leg is shorter than the right leg...i would like to try to get back into making my own bears again, when i have time and money. This new BlogSpot was inspired by "meow"; i visited her Blog today, and saw some of the Teddy Bears that she has made. Thanks "meow"! I will take a proper photo and replace it when i have time.
"Teddy" is a male, even though he is pink, and to date is nameless, poor thing! So help me out please, and send in your suggestions for a real name for him. I may decide which one i use, or maybe put the final decision to a vote. Let's have some fun...